Best Relationship Advice For 2020

This advice is more focused on married couples, but really it works for any relationship – even friendships.

The idea is simple and summed up in a couple sentences:

Treat your spouse like someone else is trying to woo them away. Give your spouse what they desire so they have no need to even entertain any other suitors.

It sounds good at first, then you realize how deep it goes. Those of us in relationships often say, yea that would be great! … if only


If you are already in a relationship, take a time out and some real one on one time and find out what each of you really desire. Once you know what they want, you are free to decide if you love that person enough to fulfill their desires, and likewise they can choose to fulfill yours.

That is what the marriage vows are really about. Doing the high’s and low’s FOR one another. The good and bad. THEIR good and bad. Make a conscious decision to fulfill your partners every desire and you will never worry about them leaving. If your partner equally returns the love and fulfills all your desires, then you will achieve true joy and happiness.


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